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2 Cross st. belfast maine

Must be nice lobsters first indoor space

Open for 2023 season memorial day weekend

We have indoor and outdoor seating, games, food for dine in or take out, live lobsters (weather dependent), and are continuing to evolve into this space.

Do you have a local event you want food at? Reach out. We are happy to be taking on pop up and catering events.

Must Be Nice Lobster Menu

Dine in or take out | 207-218-1396



Must Be Nice Lobster RollMKT Price

4oz of fresh Maine lobster caught by Capt. Sadie, lightly tossed in mayo, on a toasted buttered bun, with chives, lemon.

Flatlander Lobster Roll - MKT Price

4oz of fresh Maine lobster caught by Capt. Sadie with warm drawn butter on top. Lettuce or GF wrap + $1.00

Sadie's Saucy Lobster Roll - MKT Price

This is for all of you who like a bit more flavor and a kick. 4oz fresh Maine Lobster in our savory and spicy sauce. Sadie Sauce is olive oil based (no mayo), with Dijon, cayenne, vegetables, and other seasonings. 

Mini Lobster Roll - MKT Price

2oz of fresh Maine lobster caught by Capt. Sadie, toasted buttered mini bun, comes with chips

Mini Crab Roll - MKT Price

2oz of fresh Maine crab lightly tossed in mayo on a toasted buttered mini bun with chives and lemon. 

Crab Quesadilla - $13.50

Maine crab, garlic, scallions, cheddar cheese, tortilla, served with sour cream and mango salsa.

Crab Cakes - single $12.00 double $18.00

Our take on a traditional crab cake with sweet potato, served on a bed of arugula, w lemon wedge and house made garlic horseradish aioli.

Hot Dog with your choice of condiments - $3

-add kraut +.50 add grilled or raw onions +.25


Doggy Dogs $1.50

A hot dog for yer pup, cooked or raw

Chips $1.00

House made coleslaw $.75


Grilled Cheese - $4

Lobster Grilled Cheese - $12.75

Tomato and Bacon Grilled Cheese - $6.50

Lobster and Green Crab Chowder - $14.00

Classic New England chowder with a twist. We use a stock made out of the invasive Green Crabs, potatoes, celery, onion, carrots, bacon, and Must Be Nice Lobster! Served with oyster crackers.



Served on a bed of lettuce with cherry tomato, red onion, and house made croutons

Lobster $28.99

Crab $19.99

Garden $9.00

Seaweed Cesar $10.00

House made Cesar dressing made with local seaweed and without anchovies 



Coffee $2.00 Cider $5.00 Hot Cocoa $3.00 Tea $3.00


Iced Coffee $2.00 Water $2.00 Coconut Water $2.50 Apple Cider $5.00 Soda $2.00 Shirley Temple $3.5


Baxter Haze IPA 12oz $6.00

Down East Original Cider 12oz $8.00

Peak Fresh Cut 12oz $6.00

PABST Blue Ribbon 16oz $6.00

Allagash White 16oz $8.00

Cushnoc Lawyer 16oz $9.00

Rising Tide IPA 16oz $8.00

***Beer can not be added to to-go orders as it must be consumed on the premises***

Gift shop

Our gift shop features merchandise hand made and designed by local artists. We also have a nice selection of our favorite ocean pantry staples. 

Stop by 2 Cross Street & check out our selection.

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